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I am currently shooting on a new Sony PDW-700. This camera can shoot in SD or HD, Pal or NTSC. The footage is recorded onto a removable XDCAM disk. This can be transferred into Avid or Final Cut editing platforms, where it is edited and then transferred via FTP to any destination worldwide.  I try to travel with a small lightweight Dedolight Kit which can be powered from a vehicle battery.  I have a full sound kit with two Radio Clip Mics. I FTP packages for clients often with a fast turnaround time.  I work for the BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, RTE, APTN, Channel 4 ,  NOS Holland / ZDF Germany / GMTV London / Reuters London. 


Aid In Honduras- Sorcha's Story (Credit - Cameraman). 

A half hour programme on aid provision in Honduras won Amnesty Internationals Best Irish Film. It also won The Radharc Award from the President of Ireland.

Newsround Extra-BBC Children. (Credit – Picture Editor).

For several years I cut this award winning documentary slot. They are twelve minute films explaining complex current affairs issues to children. The emphasis here was on clarity. I worked as a VT Editor in BBC News and Current Affairs over a six year period which gave me the opportunity to work with the best journalists such as Martin Bell .



Prime Time is Irelands premier Current Affairs programme.During the most recent war in the South of Lebanon I worked with the Journalist Mark Little to produce daily news feeds on the war and we also produced three ten minute pieces. Two days shooting and a half days edit per piece.

AFRICA- NOS Holland & TG4 Ireland

I travelled extensively across Africa to Ethiopia several times, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire quickly adjusting to these new working environments


Worked for RTE as part of a small team we concentrated on finding personal stories for example a refugee returning to find her family.


I worked in Belfast during the ongoing ' Troubles' I built good relationships with groups on both sides of the story. I produced a ten minute film on Drug Vigilantes which ran as a lead story on Channel 4 News, London.


I have a regular client in SNTV (Associated Press). I have also shot and edited a half hour feature on blind people skiing. This was shot over five days in Austria...I have been travelling with the National Football Team, led by Giovanni Trapatonni during the World Cup Qualifiers. The behind the scenes footage is uploaded directly onto the sponsor's website. 


John Culloty. Director Resources. RTE Television. Donnybrook. Dublin 4. Ireland.

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Bridget Fallon. CNN News Editor Europe, Middle East and Africa. Bridget was a main Producer at CNN's London Bureau for many years. We now work together in Dublin for CNN and Bloomberg Television.

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